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Christmas Presents

Christmas Luxury at Furness Fish.

Treat your loved ones to a Christmas banquet like never before

with a carefully curated selection of ocean goodies to delight the discerning foodie!

Oyster Pasta

Beluga caviar

Thoroughly spoil someone, or yourself with a classic this Christmas. These exquisite dark glossy eggs are large with an unparalleled fine creamy taste. 

Available in 10g 30g 50g 125g 250g 500g 1kg sizes

Fine oyster selection 

Make Christmas morning one to remember with our carefully curated luxury oyster selection.

We can supply any quantity or a mixture of your favourites from the selection below.

  • Tia Maraa

  • Gillardeau spéciales

  • Belon natives

  • Boudese

  • Cocollos

  • Pembrokeshire rock and natives

Oyster Pasta

Whole cooked lobsters

Wow your guests with a Christmas centrepiece like never before!

Our fresh Orkney lobsters boast a beautifully sweet flavour with an abundance of meat in the body, claws and tail. 


They have been perfectly cooked and prepped so you don't have to. 

Argyll Dunoon Smoked salmon

Smoked over reclaimed old Scottish whisky barrel shavings, the natural smoke created in the kilns teases out all the flavour of the fish.

Available in various pack sizes.


Diver caught live scallops

Thinking of a refined light starter for your Christmas Day feast?


Look no further, our hand dived Orkney scallops have a large tender pearly muscle with a very sweet delicate flavour.


Flash fry for a beautiful golden crust and a tender soft centre.

Live Orkney lobsters


Impress your guests this Christmas!

If you prefer to cook fresh from home or restaurant our live Orkney Lobsters won't disappoint.

boasting a beautifully sweet flavour with an abundance of meat in the body, claws and tail. 

Screenshot 2023-11-20 at 11.40.38.png

Fresh Carp

Known as a symbol of good luck the tradition of eating carp for Christmas is particularly alive and well in central and Eastern Europe.

We know this is fresh fish is particularly hard to find in most fishmongers so we've made sure we will have a plentiful supply over the Christmas period. 


Fresh Loch Duart Salmon

Looking for a healthy alternative to beat the bloat over the Christmas period?


Our full flavoured Loch Duart salmon boasts high levels of omega 3 thanks to low impact farming, It has a deep beautiful coral flesh with an unparalleled flavour.


Arbroath smokies

Are you looking for a traditional Scottish Christmas breakfast?

Gently grilled with butter and slathered on a hunk of fresh sourdough bread.


Simplicity at it's best.

Christmas Tree Ornament

If you're unsure about which oysters or caviar would suit you best, click our handy links below to learn more!


Oyster, fish & caviar care

Please note; to ensure your oysters, fish and caviar are at their optimum

quality and freshness we ice pack your goods for collection.

We recommend you refrigerate your goods at 4c as soon as possible or within 6 hours of collection.

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