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 Oysters & Urchins

Explore our sea urchins

A 'try before you die' delicacy.

The angry exterior protects a vibrant orange roe, offering a soft texture and a complex, saline-tinged umami flavour.


Our sea urchins are freshly delivered daily, our experienced fishmongers are happy to prepare them so you can enjoy them on their own, or use to make a rich silky sauce.

Also known as 'uni', the sea urchin is widely consumed in Japan and the far east, often featured in sushi platters.

Explore our oysters

The freshest and most extensive range of rock and native oysters available.

Our oyster selection has been carefully curated using meticulously high standards and many years of knowledge and experience.


Bringing you the freshest and most extensive range of textures and flavours.

We work closely with our oyster farmers to ensure quality and sustainability.

Explore our range for yourself and feel free to ask Simon and Darius our experienced oyster staff for taste recommendations.

Waves on the Brittany coast
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